Everything You Always Wanted To Know About OCD – But Were Afraid To Ask

Welcome to the OCD Book Festival! Authors will be answering your questions and responding to comments this week, OCD Awareness Week, Oct 14-20.

OFFICIAL SELECTION ~ 2013 Out of the Rabbit Hole: A Road Map to Freedom from OCD

By Sheri Bloom & Suzanne Mouton-Odum, PhD ~ A story of one woman’s journey to recovery

OFFICIAL SELECTION ~ 2013 Wibbly Wobblies That Live Inside My Tummy

By Kerri O’Callaghan (Australia) ~ This book describes the symptoms of OCD in the form of a children’s story, written from the perspective of

OFFICIAL SELECTION ~ 2013 The Dragon Who Pulled Her Scales

By William Michael Davidson ~ Long ago, in a world where dragons were the world’s protectors, a beautiful girl dragon named Ellam lived in a cool, misty cave.

A Casual Vacancy

By J.K. Rowling ~ A work of adult fiction that includes, among a huge cast of characters, a character with OCD, by the famous author who brought us Harry Potter.