Shorter Writings Available Online for Free

Not enough time to read a whole book on OCD? Here are some shorter reads.

Not enough $ to buy a book on OCD? All listings below are available online for free.


OCD” ~ by Neil Hilborn.  Neil performed this poem at a poetry slam, and he’s become an overnight OCD Internet celebrity. This powerful piece is the inspiration behind an “Open Mic” session that OCD TEXAS has scheduled for the Saturday evening of San Antonio conference Oct 19 & 20. Please come to San Antonio if you can. If not, how about stepping up to the microphone yourself sometime, somewhere, during OCD Awareness Week (Oct 14-20)?



OCD Is Hell” ~ by Jordan Jensen, Ed.D.  In a chapter of his book, ”Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Everything”, Dr. Jensen presents a narrative of his experiences battling OCD, depression, and other life challenges. These experiences, along with his study of “self leadership” over the past 25 years, led to the development of the Self-Action Leadership Philosophy, Theory, and Model, a method of overcoming life’s obstacles. Dr. Jensen is one of several invited authors for the OCD TEXAS San Antonio conference Oct 19 & 20.  To view an excerpt from the book chapter, click HERE.


“Continue On: A mothers account of what hurt and what helped in her son’s recovery from severe OCD” ~ by Janet Singer.  Janet’s son Dan was completely debilitated by severe OCD at the age of 18 during his freshman year of college. Her family floundered and then fought their way through a disorienting maze of treatments and programs for almost two years, desperately trying to find the best help possible for him. Dan has since made a remarkable recovery and Janet has become an advocate for OCD awareness, determined to spread the message that OCD, no matter how severe, is treatable. Janet Singer is one of several invited authors for the OCD TEXAS San Antonio conference Oct 19 & 20.  To view an excerpt from Chapter One, click HERE.


“I Look Better in Binary – Chapter: Spittoons aren’t just for cowboys” ~ by Becky Pourchot. This excerpt from Becky Pourchot’s book is a true story which describes her onset of OCD starting in third grade. It shows how early recognition of symptoms, along with support from a parent or teacher, means that OCD doesn’t have to become a nightmare for years. If someone is there, someone who knows something about OCD, early onset of OCD in a child can be managed as well as any other health problem. Too often, children suffer terribly for years from the symptoms and effects of OCD (see other memoirs in our book festival). Becky was lucky enough to have a father who was a psychiatrist who not only picked up on Becky’s OCD symptoms but offered the right help at the right time. To view the excerpt from the Chapter entitled “Spittoons aren’t just for cowboys”, Click HERE.

Nominations are now open. To nominate a short writing or book on OCD, see “Call for nominations“.

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