Call for nominations

The OCD Book Festival 2013 is currently open for nominations. Nominations will be closing soon.

officialnomWho may nominate.  Any current member, affiliate, or partner organization of the International OCD Foundation may nominate a book to be included in the OCD Book Festival 2013. An author may not nominate his/her own book but may seek nomination by:

Eligibility.  Any book pertaining to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or related disorders, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), is eligible for nomination. The book must be in print by OCD Awareness Week 2013 (Oct 14–20, 2013) and be expected to remain in print through 2014.

How to nominate. Fill out the form below.

Deadline.  Nominations must be received by 5pm, Central Standard Time, on Monday, October 14, 2013.

“Official Nomination” process.  After the nomination is received:

  1. The book will be posted on the festival site.
  2. A member of the festival committee will then attempt to contact the author to congratulate them on the nomination.
  3. The author will be asked to provide any additions or corrections to the post and the author bio.
  4. The author will be asked to be available to respond to online discussion of their book during OCD Awareness Week, Oct 14–20, 2013.

Shorter Writings, such as book chapters, essays, short stories or poems, available online at no charge to the viewer, will be posted at the discretion of the OCD Book Festival committee. Anyone may recommend any short work to the committee by emailing


Questions about nominations can be directed to the OCD Book Festival committee at

Thank you!


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