About the Festival

The OCD Book Festival is a special awareness-raising event brought to you by OCD TEXAS, an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF).

The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness about OCD and related disorders. OCD Texas aims to educate the public and professionals, in order to raise awareness and improve the quality of treatment provided and to improve access to resources for those with OCD and their families.

Books provide an excellent way to present important information about OCD while also entertaining us — there are books to make you laugh, memoirs to make you cry, illustrated treatment guides to provide a little levity.

We encourage you all to read one or two (or more) of the book selections, and then join us for the online discussions on this site. During OCD Awareness Week, many of the book authors will be participating in the online discussions of their books, answering questions and responding to readers’ comments.

In addition to joining us online, you can also organize your own “Book Club” meetings in your area to discuss some of the books selected for the festival.  What a great opportunity to spread awareness about OCD with your friends, families, and loved ones.

OCD TEXAS will also be hosting a conference in San Antonio Oct 19 & 20. Authors of some of the books in the OCD Book Festival will speak, sign books, and meet with conference attendees. To learn more about the conference, click here.

Please join in the discussions! Please also help us spread the word. Forward a link to this site to anyone you think might be interested.

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