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Pearls: Meditations on Recovery from Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

By Christina Pearson ~ People often ask Christina, “What helped you stop pulling and picking? and, perhaps even more important, “How do you stay stopped?” While the tools and strategies that lead one person to recovery will not always work for another, in Pearls, Christina shares many small tools and shifts in perspective that helped her become aware of, and effectively eliminate, these unwanted behaviors on a day-to-day basis.  This collection of meditations has many layers, and takes on new meaning with one’s own evolving experience of the path to recovery.

NOMINATED By: Evelyn G., Austin Trich Support Group

Christina Pearson’s Pearls is a collection of meditations, each with a theme relating to recovery from compulsive hair pulling and skin picking. As someone who lives with both disorders, it’s one of the most helpful books I’ve read. It’s a daily devotional that I can pick up, open to any page, and be inspired. I blazed through the entire book quickly at first, since it’s short and easy to read. However, it was when I went back through and re-read pages one at a time that I received the most benefits. Reading about Pearson’s struggle and recovery is incredibly inspiring. She bravely recounts her personal story of “living in a behavioral prison with bars forged of compulsion.” We feel her pain, isolation, and desperation to understand and resist these urges. Then, we share in her curiosity, wisdom, and compassion for herself and fellow sufferers as she overcomes. A must-read! ~Evelyn G.

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