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Handling Your OCD: Attack of the Brain Monster

By  Peggy McMahon, PhD & Kim Rockwell-Evans, PhD, Tim Chupka ~ The first ever comic book about OCD for kids and adolescents. The graphic novel is about Conner, Emily and their peers at a special camp to learn how to live with OCD.  At camp, they learn about cognitive-behavioral therapy tools to help them get on with life and go in the direction they care about even though their OCD could hold them back.



NOMINATED by Don Mangus, IOCDF individual member:

For those of us with OCD, these “brain monsters” are especially malicious, because while you can run (for a while) — you can’t hide — anxiety and fear lurk inside your mind, “squirming like a toad,” poised to spring at any instant.
You can learn all about this baffling brain disorder – all thanks to the greatest, most electrifying, and fun teaching format of our era — the good ol’ comic book. As a cartoonist and certified funny book freak, I’ve owned, studied, and yes, even drawn, all types of “graphic narratives”. In my day job I’ve personally handled over $45,000,000 of original art over the last ten years — comics are a very big deal.
Look no further than the dedicated, compassionate, talented, and creative professionals behind this important Graphic Novel – they have created what is sure to be hailed as the “Classics Illustrated” of OCD literature. Readers will learn how to tame their own OCD beasts — and turn those nightmares into mere “nattering nabobs of negativity.” – Don Mangus, Comic and Illustration Art Expert and person with OCD


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14 Responses to Handling Your OCD: Attack of the Brain Monster

  1. Susan says:

    Loved the comic book format. Really explains OCD and the effects of the person dealing with the disorder. The teaching format was easy to follow and put in a fun and easy way to understand.

    • Peggy McMahon, Ph.D. says:

      I hope the comic book format makes these issues a little more accesible to readers. Thanks for your input.

  2. Dan Steinfink says:

    Very nice explanation of OCD and its treatment. I will be recommending it to my patients.

  3. Amber says:

    Wonderful, a must read!
    I highly recommend this book.

  4. Emily says:

    i think this book will be great for kids that hav ocd and good fo people that dont know about ocd so they cab learn about it. =)

    • Emily says:

      I am glad you thought it was helpful. I would love to reach all kids who have OCD.

  5. Margie Dess says:

    I love the comic book format and how it really brings to life what is going on in the mind of an OCD sufferer. The different but connected scenarios really allow those with OCD and those without OCD to see that the “monster” exists in various forms.
    Great read!!!

  6. Robin says:

    A must-read for any young person fighting the “monster” of OCD, Handling your OCD: Attack of the Brain Monster packs an impressive amount of professional expertise and therapeutic know-how into a fun and entertaining graphic novel. Careful never to minimize the pain and shame OCD can inflict, the authors offer sincere encouragement, compassion, and a practical “toolkit” of solutions to call on in times of stress. And yet, the most important takeaway from OCD Camp might simply be the knowledge that sufferers are not alone.

    • Peggy McMahon, Ph.D. says:

      I definitely want younc OCD sufferers, especially those with intrusive thoughts to know they are not alone. OCD symptoms can be difficult to share even with family members.

  7. Kelsey says:

    Very cool idea for the younger ones suffering from OCD, allowing them to see they can regain control of their own brain! I definitely like that it pushes for ERP, as this is vital in treatment. Showing how the monster gets weaker is a neat way of explaining to kids that they are stronger than their OCD!

    • Peggy McMahon, Ph.D. says:

      Thanks so much for your input. One of my goals in writing the comic is to reach as many children who have OCD as early as possible to give them the tools to control their OCD.

  8. Thank you for your comments. We hope that the comic book format helps the reader learn tools to help live with OCD, We want family members and sufferers of OCD to know they are not alone, and that help is available. ERP is a powerful treatment.

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  9. The comic book format is an engaging way to reach children and teens with OCD. The proven techniques for challenging OCD are cleverly woven into a story of kids and their therapy coaches on a camp out . I definitely will use it with my teen patients and some adults, too.

  10. james wilson, m.a.,lpc says:

    This book is what every kid suffering from OCD needs to read. It not only offers clearly defined strategies for gaining control over OCD, it also helps reduce the feelings of isolation that children with OCD often experience. The interactions among the kids helps the reader see that OCD is a disease, something that one “has” not something that defines who they are. Depicting the OCD as a monster better helps kids separate themselves from it and say “It’s not me , its OCD” I especially like the tool kit . The authors’ illustrate how the tools have to be used repeatedly to gain control over the OCD monster. Gaining control is depicted as a process and setbacks are not failures. Very creative and definitely a “must have” for any child or adolescent suffering from OCD. Therapists who specialize in the OCD treatment of kids should have a supply on hand.

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