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loving someone with OCD

Loving Someone with OCD

By Karen J. Landsman, Ph.D., Kathleen M. Rupertus, MA, MS, & Cherry Pedrick, RN ~ People who suffer from mental illness rarely do so alone. Their families and loved onesface their own set of unique challenges—problems that deserve their own resources and sources of support. This book is written specifically to the loved ones of people with OCD. It helps readers examine how OCD affects their lives and offers a straightforward system for building a healthier, more constructive relationship with OCD sufferers. Throughout, the book illustrates important points with the real-life stories of families living with OCD.

NOMINATED BY:   Lina Jensen, IOCDF Family Membership:

officialnomtx“Loving Someone with OCD” describes clearly what OCD looks like and how it affects not only the person with OCD, but the people closest to them. As someone whose husband has OCD, I love how this book explains that those closest to the sufferer can’t fix the problem themselves. They can only be supportive, stop enabling, and take care of themselves. In the end, it is only the person suffering from OCD who can make a lasting change in their lives. ~ Lina Jensen, IOCDF Family Membership

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  1. Greetings from the great Pacific Northwest! Glad to have our book included in the festival.

  2. What an honor to have been nominated… Thank you!

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