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Ray of Hope cover

The Ray of Hope

By Ray St. John ~ Ray’s OCD symptoms began when he was 5 years old, worsened during his teen years and became mainly sexual in nature. With the help of this mother, Ray beat back his OCDwith exposure response prevention therapy (ERP). By the time he was a senior in high school, his symptoms had become negligible and his life had returned to normal. Ray decided to write this book to help other adolescents who are suffering from OCD.


NOMINATED by Mary Kathleen Norris, LPC and family, IOCDF family membership:

We were thrilled when Ray accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker for our OCD TEXAS conference in Grapevine, Texas, in February 2012. Then 18, he gave a moving account of how he overcame severely distressing and debilitating OCD symptoms and was now living a largely symptom-free life as a college student. His powerful speech detailed his journey to overcome his OCD symptoms with the help of his parents. Ray’s book describes in detail, openly and honestly, the trial and error process the family used for exposure and response prevention for Ray’s OCD. This book does bring “a ray of hope” to those that suffer from OCD. It is a great resource for teens, and parents will find it very helpful. 

– Mary Kathleen Norris, LPC, and family, DFW Center for OCD & Anxiety

Available on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle.

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