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OCD Treatment Through Storytelling

By Allen Weg, EdD ~ Storytelling and metaphor are among the most effective and useful tools therapists can use to better identify with their clients, clearly explain a disorder to family members, and introduce new treatment options. Drawing upon years of clinical experience with clients their families, Dr. Weg offers dozens of stories that therapists can adapt and employ in their own practices to explain hard-to-grasp aspects of OCD and its most effective treatment, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

NOMINATED by  OCD TEXAS, Affiliate of the International OCD Foundation:

officialnomtxThrough his stories – some autobiographical, some universal – Dr. Weg offers us accessible, entertaining, instructive parables relevant to OCD or its treatment. He helps us build understanding, empathy and support for those with OCD and their families. This book has been described as a “masterpiece that shows clinicians innovative ways to teach patients and their family members about the complexities of OCD.”  A unique and useful resource for all mental health professionals who provide therapeutic services to persons with OCD and their families, it will be of interest to anyone wishing to better understand ‘the OCD experience’.

Dr. Weg, co-founder and board member of OCD New Jersey, offered invalueable experience and encouragement when I was first considering starting an IOCDF affiliate here in Texas. It is thus especially delightful to me that Dr. Weg will be our keynote speaker at our upcoming OCD TEXAS conference in San Antonio Oct 19 & 20.  He will offer a special session for families and kids of all ages, “OCD Bedtime Stories”, as well as a Continuing Education session for treatment professionals.  – Irene Tobis, PhD, President, OCD TEXAS

AVAILABLE:  Oxford Press; Amazon hardcover & Kindle editions.

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